Diversity & Inclusion - CCI

CCI’s Diversity and Inclusion Philosophy

Our position on diversity and inclusion is deeply rooted in our values: Passion, Accountability, Integrity and Teamwork. Despite coming from various, diverse cultures, we all share the same passion for delivering the very best performances at work. We are all accountable for what we do and how we perform, and we pride ourselves on the high value we place on teamwork and acting with integrity.

CCI’s philosophy in pursuing diversity and inclusion incorporates the following: 

  • Recruiting and retaining a high-performing talent force which is reflective of the diverse marketplace we serve.

  • Caring for an inclusive culture which helps us embrace differences and impacts our ability to meet our 2020 Vision People goals


We engage with our local communities to grow our pipeline of diverse talents...


  • We launched a Woman Leadership Steering Committee in Turkey with the aim of facilitating communication amongst woman in leadership roles, employment opportunities for woman and increasing woman’s representation in leadership roles.
  • The Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Jordan’s Women’s Club was established in 2012  to create a platform for working woman to interact and organize various activities focusing on higher engagement. 
  • Azerbaijan Coca-Cola Bottlers established a Woman’s club aiming at encouraging women’s leadership and empowerment in the workplace and community. This club provides opportunities to all female employees of ACCB, to demonstrate and develop their capabilities and collaborate with each other to foster creativity and innovation in their work in a professional environment. 


  • Our KO Technical Apprentice (KOTA) program at Coca-Cola Beverages Pakistan Limited is a key channel for building a talent pipeline for the Supply Chain. With a combination of classroom, on-the-job and practical training, the KOTA program provides a curriculum which provides high-performing KOTAs a chance to achieve City & Guild certification, thereby opening up this talent pool to other countries in the Coke System. Our training center in Lahore is a certified City & Guild test center now, an achievement unique to Coca-Cola in Pakistan. 30 of females candidates have been inducted as part of this program.


  • Savvy & Successful was launched by Coca-Cola Beverages Pakistan Limited in 2013 as an annual event to celebrate Pakistani women achievers who have broken barriers and overcome impossible challenges to achieve remarkable success in their chosen fields. This event is our recognition of the need to support woman empowerment.


  • We are proud  of Rena our first woman SC Manager and Gulbika Aliyeva our first woman forklift operator in Azerbaijan.



Diversity in Action

Rena Mamedova - Supply Chain Director 

Rena began her career in Azerbaijan Coca-Cola Bottlers Ltd in 1996 as Laboratory Supervisor and maintained this role until 2004 when she was promoted to Supply Chain Director. She is the only female director in CCI’s supply chain function, and her very successful tenure in this role has been marked with many achievements. Rana is a graduate of Baku State University’s Department of Biology; in 2014, she received a PhD in biology.