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Employee Engagement

CCI’s 2020 Vision is the catalyst for building a winning culture, being a great place to work, and generating extraordinary business results year after year. Employee insights play an important role in our ability to measure our progress toward reaching our 2020 Vision of sustainable growth. 

To gain insight from employees, we conduct biannual employee engagement surveys through Towers Watson, which is a global provider to TCCC and other top bottlers. These surveys offer international and local perspectives to identify strengths and opportunities, reveal common themes in employee feedback, and create synergies in acting upon the feedback which ultimately impacts our ability to drive sustainable growth. 

Our first employee engagement surveys were conducted in every country of operation in 2011-2012. After the surveys were conducted, workshops and focus groups were held to implement suggestions from our employees. Rewarding mechanisms, career opportunities, and training and development processes were assessed as the areas of focus after the 2011-2012 survey. In 2013 we followed up the action plans based on the results of these surveys. 
Employee engagement also provides for HR and business leaders materials and tools that have been proven to work well. At CCI we use employee insights  to drive improved operating effectiveness to help CCI achieve its 2020 Vision. We conduct an engagement survey once every two years in order to allow time for the business to identify development areas, create robust action plans, and follow up on these actions in order to track the return on this huge investment.