Total Rewards - CCI

Rewards at CCI

At CCI, we focus not only on providing market-competitive compensation and benefits in order to attract and retain best people, but also on recognizing and incentivizing performances to foster an engaging organizational culture. 

We regularly benchmark our reward programs against leading companies in countries where we operate, modifying accordingly to ensure that we remain competitive enough to meet your needs as well as those of the business.



In line with Total Rewards Objectives...

  • We focus on market competitiveness in order to attract and retain the best talent. We remain market sensitive in all the regions where we operate, employing both global and local consultancies in order to secure accurate market data to base our policies on.

  • We focus on total rewards in order to provide a holistic view of CCI’s offerings and to foster employee engagement. This includes focusing our policies beyond base salary and even beyond remuneration.

  • We focus on pay for performance in order to concentrate efforts on CCI’s objectives. From base salary increases to variable pay programs, reward programs are designed with performance-related conditions. We focus on cost management in order to ensure fiscal reasonableness for the sustainability of our business. Whatever decision we make, we make sure that CCI has the long-term affordability to provide competitive total rewards.