Working at CCI - CCI

Working at CCI

Working at CCI involves not only being an ambassador for the world’s best-known brand, Coca-Cola, but also reaping the benefits from excellent growth opportunities inherent in our region. We have a high degree of organizational pride in our global work, and we freely display our corporate culture tenants of passion, accountability, integrity and teamwork.

At CCI we celebrate our diversity. We come from 10 different countries; we speak Arabic, Azeri, English, Kyrgyz, Kazakh, Kurdish, Persian, Russian, Tajik, Turkish, Turkmen and Urdu. We are an equal opportunity employer; we hire and promote young people, older people, disabled persons, women, men – equally. We enjoy a culture of empowerment, where each and every team member is given the tools necessary to excel and resources needed to develop his or her career.


As proud Coca-Cola ambassadors who value honesty and integrity, as well as fair and safe working conditions, we are continuously increasing the quality of our work environment to ensure that CCI remains the best place to work.

CCI’s Code of Ethics

Integrity and honesty constitute the basis of our continued business success and outstanding reputation. CCI’s Code of Ethics guides our company, managers and employees in relation to the responsibilities to comply within this framework.

All employees are expected understand and follow the Code which highlights four main principles:


  1. Act with integrity and honesty.

  2. Safeguard business and financial records and keep them accurate, complete and correct.

  3. Safeguard interests of CCI and avoid any conflicts of interest.

  4. Deal with everyone we encounter fairly and in accordance with laws.