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Workplace Rights at CCI

No element of our vision is more critical to ensuring the future vitality of CCI than the great men and women who contribute to our business each and every day in every country where we operate.  Respecting our people’s human rights and creating an environment for them to succeed is both a moral as well as a business imperative. We have outlined a clear workplace rights policy and issued our human rights statement, and these documents clearly state our  commitment to the fundamental principles of international, human and workplace rights everywhere we do business. We are committed to maintaining workplaces where people are treated with dignity, fairness, and respect. Our workplace rights policy is consistent with that commitment and it reminds all of us that the true measure of a well-managed business is not only whether it is financially successful but also how it achieves that success.   


Our workplace rights policy includes: 

  • Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining: Our Company respects the right of our employees to join or not to join a union or to establish a union without having the fear of retaliation, threat or harassment.


  • Prohibition of Forced Labor: Our Company forbids the use of all forms of forced labor, including prison labor, indentured labor, bonded labor, military labor, and slave labor.


  • Commitment Not to Employ Children: Our Company's prohibition against child labor complies with the standards of the International Labor Organization. CCI forbids employment of people under 18.


  • Arbitrary Discrimination:  We keep all of our workplaces free from any arbitrary discrimination or physical or verbal harassment based on race, sex, color, nationality or social origin, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation or political view. Selection, recruitment, placement, training, wage setting and advance payment are all performed based on capability, performance, and experience.


  • Working Hours and Wages: We carry out our activities in full compliance with applicable laws, including wages, working hours, overtime and benefits.


  • A Safe and Healthy Workplace: By minimizing the factors leading to industrial accidents, occupational diseases, and health risks, we are able to establish a safe, healthy and efficient work environment.


  • Workplace Security: We are committed to providing a workplace environment free from violence, harassment, threat and other insecure or disturbing conditions arising from threats from both inside and outside the Company.


  • Community and Stakeholder Engagement: We believe that local problems are solved most appropriately at the local level. As such, we undertake to create economic opportunities and develop goodwill through locally-connected enterprises within the communities where we operate.


Workplace Rights Policy