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Your Professional & Leadership Development

Throughout CCI, developing capabilities based on our business priorities, culture, and values while also developing subject matter experts and internal trainers who contribute across the system is vital. As such, our Learning and Development (L&D) department focuses on leadership development, commercial capability development, and functional development – all allowing for easier and faster access to CCI development resources as a result of increasing use of digital learning platforms. Furthermore, all L&D solutions are designed for your leadership and professional development and make CCI a great place to work.

As use of the Internet increases, digital learning tools become ever more important, allowing our employees to access best practices, reports, videos, and other resources in any area they require. Commensurate with our leading position, we endeavor to use in our training programs, which are complementary to classical classroom training, the most suitable methods for individual development with the platforms we have designed. As one of the leading companies which provides its employees with digital learning solutions, we offer development opportunities to approximately 30,000 people across the entire CCI operating region via our digital learning platforms such as virtual classroom, e-learning, mobile learning and more.

Our most celebrated L&D programs include: