Your Talent Management - CCI

Your Talent Management

Talent management is the mechanism by which we ensure that we are engaged to deliver on CCI’s strategy and business results. Talent management is also a key business accountability that is owned by all our People Managers who co-create  and encourage feedback and development.

At CCI, we recognize all our employees as “talent”. We make it a priority to invest in solutions and mechanisms that give you the opportunity to continually enhance your skills thus enabling you to reach your highest potential and develop your career.

Organizational Development Forum (ODF) is our key platform to achieve talent management objectives.  Through this platform we identify our future people capability needs, develop action plans to meet those needs, review succession plans for leadership roles across CCI, and identify high potential employees and mobile talents for critical roles across CCI as well as for opportunities throughout The Coca-Cola System.

Another useful tool, My Career Talk helps you to identify your career goals, establish a plan for pursuing those goals, and take personal responsibility for making those goals a reality. Similarly, Talent Profile allows you to record your ducational background, strengths, developmental needs, career experiences. aspirations and more.

At CCI, you will always have opportunities to develop your abilities, and you will always be rewarded for helping to create opportunities for our business to grow.